What is Lean Construction?

Lean Construction Concepts and Techniques

What is Lean Construction? It is a method of production for reducing costs, materials, time and effort. Using principles of Lean, the desired outcome is to optimize the value and output of a project while minimizing waste and time delay. This outcome is achieved when standard construction processes are merged with a clear understanding of project materials, planning and control, and can be achieved by strategic planning and action by the project team and aid of all workers.


Basic principles include; creating a predictable outcome, reducing overflow of waste and increasing communication flows between client and project team.


Here at Harmon, we have embraced Lean beginning with pre-construction and continuing throughout construction stages of the project. We feel Lean enhances subcontractor relationships, communication, coordination, definition in scope of work, cost and schedule efficiencies on a project.

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In order to implement Lean Construction efficiently, understanding and defining client’s ideas and perspective must occur; they have input on the final product. Listening to the client is essential in eliminating waste. On average, most waste is created when a construction company’s vision and a client’s vision are not in alignment.


What are the benefits of Lean Construction?

Using fewer materials and having less waste, which can reduce costs.

Fewer accidents and a higher rate of safety through increased worker focus and understanding.

Increased productivity due to a higher rate of planning.

Construction time can be reduced by increased planning and strategic vision.

Increased schedule reliability and predictability.

Improved overall results due to increased communication and fewer workers.

What are a few ways we’ve been implementing Lean techniques into our projects?

Pre-Fabricating and assembling plumbing risers off-site at subcontractor’s warehouse.

Pre-Fabricating HVAC ductwork, fire sprinkler pipe and electrical conduits at subcontractor’s warehouse.

Pre-Fabricating and assembling wall building systems (i.e. studs, sheathing, electrical conduits, plumbing lines).

Assembling sheet metal canopies offsite then installing on-site.


*content facts from buildingsguide’s report on Lean Construction


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