What Happens to Your Project if Your Contractor Has Turnover?

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Everything’s going great and then so-and-so decides to up and leave. Where does that leave your project if your contractor has turnover?

Team Member Talking on Cell Phone - Turnover

In the event there is a need to supplement or replace project leadership (including but not limited to Estimator, Project Manager or Superintendent) before completion of a project, your contractor should be prepared to provide additional leadership and resources. Although potentially concerning to hear about, a transition in leadership should not affect the timeline or budget of your project.

For example, at Harmon we have structured our systems so there is oversight into all procedures used in execution of each project. If, on rare occasion, a transition of personnel occurs, there will be another team member familiar with all aspects of your project to ensure a smooth continuation. Harmon will arrange for the potential replacement to meet with owner and other involved team members to ensure a good fit.

We have established a fully capable core leadership team, have good project controls, technology and a low percentage of turnover. Our team members are all trained and capable of stepping into any position to bridge the gap if needed until an open position is filled. Our team has bench strength and competent people.

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