Top 5 Spring Planting Tips!

Spring is here!

Now is the time to plant your garden and flower beds. Here are a few spring planting tips to get you started:

Flower Abstract - Spring Planting Tips

1. Choose plants that thrive in your climate.

Think about your climate. Do you live in an area that’s hot and dry? It may be a good idea to choose plants that like a lot of sunlight and need very little water to thrive. Do you live in an area that’s humid? Maybe choosing plants that need more water would be a good choice. In any case, do your research. Finding out what plants thrive in your climate can make or break your garden and make it easier to maintain.

2. Annual vs. Perennial.

Annual plants only bloom once during their annual cycle. This means you will have to re-plant every year. Perennial plants bloom year after year, dying in the winter and blooming again in the spring/summer. You will only need to plant perennials once. Depending on what specific plants you desire to have and what kind of effort you want to put forth, both options can be beneficial in a garden.

3. Zone your garden.

Take a good look at the area you have planned out for your garden. Keep in mind that some plants need more sunlight than others. It may be a good idea to make some sketches to get you started.

4. Install edging.

While not a necessity, edging does help create a clean look and define boundaries for your garden area. It will also help keep out grass and some other weeds. In general, you also want to make sure your garden is placed in a relatively flat area to help with water distribution and drainage.

5. Top soil.

Make sure to choose a good top soil. Most local gardening shops can help you decide which top soil works best in your area. This will make a huge difference when it comes to garden maintenance, overall growth and health of your plants.

Now that you’ve heard our top 5 tips, you should be ready to get stated! There are countless other sources online if you need more help or have planting questions; just make sure and do your research! Happy planting!