Top 10 Moments of 2017

Top 10 Moments 2017. A lot can happen in a year. Reflecting back on accomplishments can be an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Which of your goals and resolutions did you stick to last year?

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Did you know that by taking the time to set goals and actually write them down (maybe even post them somewhere so you can visualize them everyday), you’re setting yourself up for achievement of said goals? Remember to attach deadlines to  each goal to help keep yourself accountable.

For 2017, we had an overarching goal of making an impact on our community. (This is always one of our goals, but it was especially focused on this past year.)

Let’s take a look back at the top 10 moments 2017 at Harmon:

    1. On January 1 we launched our new brand and corporate identity. We are being intentional about building a brand that better matches our culture of open communication, and our team of driven, solution oriented innovators.
    2. Early in the year, we completed work on Platte Woods United Methodist Church. Don’t miss viewing stunning project photos and video from this job.
    3. In May, we were awarded the 80+ acre Meadowbrook Park Project which is in progress and looking good.
    4. Joe McManus was nominated then selected as a finalist for Superintendent of the Year by the KCASA. What an achievement! Nice work, Joe.
    5. Another favorite project was completed this year. American Central Transport, a family owned trucking and transportation company, had us build their corporate office headquarters, maintenance facility, training center and services center, all under one roof. ACT’s culture and awesome staff made this project one for the books.
    6. We had some stellar summer talent join us. Meet the Intern.
    7. Work was completed on the amazing Cable Dahmer Kia dealership in Lee’s Summit, MO. This project is one of only a few ‘galleria’ Kia dealerships in the US. Check out our time lapse footage of the job.
    8. Did we mention Harmon TURNED 30 this year? That’s right, we celebrated a milestone anniversary in late September with a shindig at our office. If you missed it, we’ll have another when we turn 40.
    9. Our team talent increased! – With the additions of Sr. Project Manager, Joel Grimmett and Chief Estimator, Michael Rahto, 2018 is looking good.
    10. As mentioned earlier, community involvement was a focus for us this past year. Many good things happened in this category so I’m lumping them all together for number 10.

We’d love to hear how your 2017 went. Let us know in the comments below. Also, have you set any goals for 2018?

If you have projects coming up (or ideas for one), give us a call at 913.962.5888 or contact us here. We specialize in helping our clients achieve their dreams.

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