Seasonal Cleaning

Tips for Seasonal Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. I’m sure we’ve all begun (or at least thought about) deep cleaning our home and/or office. We all dread doing it, but the results are nothing short of inspiring and refreshing. Here are some helpful tips on seasonal cleaning to get you started.

Spring Flowers - Seasonal Cleaning


First of all, work in segments. It is too overwhelming to look at the whole house or even a whole room at once. Keep focused on small areas while giving yourself short deadlines for each part. You’ll be less stressed throughout the process and be finished in no time!



Have a cleaning party. While this idea may sound a little “out there,” it has big potential and will often lead to big results. Larger groups can get things done quicker and can be a huge help when wanting to rearrange or move those bigger items. Make this a fun social event… have refreshments and games! Offer to help those in your group with tasks at their own homes. Set a schedule to do this at a different person’s house each week or month. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish as a team!



Bring the outdoors in. While cleaning, make sure you have plenty of fresh air flowing though the space. Cleaning chemicals can be potent and hazardous to your health. At the same time, fresh air can help get rid of any stale smells left behind from being closed up all winter. Brighten up your space by bringing in fresh plants and decorating with sheer drapes to allow light in.



A great way to eliminate cost and help stay green while cleaning is by using products you probably already have. Things like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar are common household items that can be used as cleaning products throughout any home.



Lastly, make sure and have a garage sale or donate any items of clutter you do not need. This will help keep your spaces clean and easier to maintain. It’s simple really… because you have less stuff, there is less stuff to maintain!


Have any other seasonal cleaning suggestions? Let us know by commenting below.