The Best Team for the Job: Remodels and Expansions

Why is it so important to have the right people on remodels and expansion projects?

In the construction industry, working directly alongside owners, staff, residents and the public on a daily basis is standard practice. In order to complete a project successfully, it is essential to have the right people working in their correct skill sets on each job, especially for remodels and expansions.

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As a senior project manager for Harmon, I’ve had the opportunity to work on remodels and expansions from coast to coast throughout my career and can tell you, having the right people on each job is not as easy as it may sound. I’ve had to replace many onsite employees over the years who were only focusing on project work while ignoring safety or concerns from owners and patrons. Thankfully since joining the Harmon team, this concern is a thing of the past.


I can say without a doubt that the field staff we have at Harmon are second to none. On remodels and expansions, relationships matter; they matter more on these types of jobs because it usually involves a facility that requires being fully operational during construction. That translates into many more people onsite daily.


I have seen our field staff get to know the names of staff, family and residents of nursing homes and churches. They truly understand that it is not just a project or a job, but a home to many and place of worship for others. Appreciation has been expressed in many ways by project owners, from feeding the entire workforce to taking the time to ask how a wife or one’s family is doing.


We are all in business to make money, but it’s the personal way that Harmon employees invest in a project that makes us stand out. Our (hard) hats are off to you, keep it up guys.

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