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Receiving positive letter(s) from our clients and/or partners is one of the most satisfying moments of our jobs (aside from handing over that key). These kinds of gestures are much appreciated and gives our team the motivation and encouragement it needs to continue serving our communities.

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With 90% of our business attributed to referrals and return customers, letters like these are just begging to be shared. That’s why we’d like to start highlighting these words and sharing with all of you.

Hope you enjoy this testimonial letter as much as we do. Stay tuned for more.


Platte Woods United Methodist Church - Platte Woods, MOPlatte Woods UMC Logo

“Project: Platte Woods United Methodist Church – Building Addition & Renovation Platte Woods, MO

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to write this testimonial letter for Harmon Construction regarding the recent preconstruction and construction work they provided for Platte Woods United Methodist Church.

Our project was prayed over, planned for and in the works for quite some time. For the past 50 years the church has been added to, remodeled and renovated. In 2005 we built a new educational building as a part of a master plan to eventually create a centralized entry and new worship space. We were sorely lacking connectivity in our worship experiences and modern convenience. This project was the completion of that master plan.

The project included a 43,000 square foot addition of a new worship center, centralized entrance and expansive lobby a new student ministry area, a much needed second elevator and three-story atrium. Demolition of two older buildings occurred before construction began. The logistics of this effort were well managed by Harmon. The addition connects to our existing facility and the two are seamless.

My position as Building Committee Chair provided direct, sometimes daily interaction with the Harmon team prior to the start of construction and throughout. We met regularly to discuss where we were at with project schedule, budget, and any other important items.

The final project has exceeded our expectations. Our congregation now has a modern building in which to worship several times a week utilizing various styles and for staff to operate more efficiently. Visitors coming to our improved facility and additions for the first time are immediately impressed with the beautifully designed spaces. We finally have a centralized entrance connected to a great gathering space. For each event, people are gathering talking and enjoying getting to know each other. It is a joy to watch the relationships build because they have the space to loiter and actually talk to one another. This has been obvious for each weekend service, for special events and daily activities.

The daylight filled spaces, clean and open designs of the entire facility are welcoming and offer the perfect place for fellowship. Harmon helped us with each detail of the project, including the re-purposing of stained-glass windows (otherwise headed to the trash) and a wooden cross from a demolished building into the new space. The windows were built into a hallway bringing in light and color to our parlor (‘cry room’). The cross was cleaned, re-sized and hung above the new baptistery. These are wonderful details and visual tributes to the past.

I asked our Senior Pastor for one phrase to sum his thoughts and this was his response, ‘Connecting. The gathering space has exceeded expectations producing a new way and depth of connecting.’

Another significant area in which Harmon was of great assistance was a COMPLETE reconstruction of every parking space at our facility. Over the years our additions of parking had been done in a way that was not comprehensive or well planned. It was necessary to demolish all of it and reconstruct well over 400 parking spaces while incorporating bio-swales to assist with drainage. The logistics of this were challenging and Harmon handled it masterfully.

The Harmon team was always professional and responsive to our needs, I would recommend Harmon to anyone considering undertaking a new project.


Michael Short, Building Committee Chair

Aww, we’re blushing.

Thanks, Michael.

Platte Woods United Methodist Church - Platte Woods, MO

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