Snow Shoveling Tips

Save Your Back when Snow Shoveling!

Top Tips to Help You Through the Rest of the Season


  • Spray Cooking Oil on your snow shoveling blade. The idea here is to prevent snow from sticking to it, making it easier for you to control.
  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs.
  • Take Breaks. Especially if you’re not in that great of shape. Go inside, get warm, sit for a few minutes to catch your breath. Stretch to prevent injury.
  • As you lift the snow, keep the shovel blade close to you. It will help reduce back strain.

Snow Shoveling - Covered Cars

  • Switch arms when shoveling so you’re working different muscles.
  • When the snowfall is heavy (like last Thursday…), don’t try to scoop all the snow depth with a single scoop. Skim off the top half, then scoop up the bottom half. This way, you won’t hurt yourself by lifting too much.
  • Don’t throw the snow over your shoulder, that’s too much work. Go forward with the snow.
  • When all else fails…. invest in a snow blower or pay someone else to do it.

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