Saint Luke’s Suite Remodel Completion


In February 2010, Harmon Construction, Inc. was awarded the contract for Saint Luke’s Hospital’s Endocrinology and Diabetes center suite located on the 6th floor of the Medical Plaza III Building in Kansas City.

The 6,200 sq/ft remodel of existing doctors space was turned into exam rooms, offices, blood draws and more with each area specifically designed to meet the needs of diabetic patients. Kitchen and classroom spaces were also created where staff can hold classes on diabetic cooking and dietary needs.

Like every project, this one didn’t come without hiccups. We had the general public in the corridors a majority of the time and had to contend with a freight elevator to bring in and take out materials. Below us was an eye doctor practice who we worked out schedules with in order to do some of the plumbing and electrical tie-ins.

Working on a construction project in a hospital environment is always a challenge. It is a public place for the sick, dust control is important, maintaining a clean working environment is important and a keeping a safe area around the construction site is always important as well. One also has to take into account the surroundings (who is above and below you, when you can and can’t make noise, etc).

Completed in June, the project came in at budget and was an overall success. We are looking forward to working on several other medical related construction projects in the future.

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