Remodeling to Keep Up

Keeping Up

The number of new senior living facilities remodeling and under construction in the Kansas City metro is staggering. They offer features such as bars, gathering spaces, gyms and theaters along with high end finishes. So what about all the existing facilities in town? How are they keeping up?

Harmon recently had the opportunity to expand and remodel three long-standing facilities. Each one had to be completely remodeled, rooms and gathering spaces. While each project posed a variety of challenges (most jobs do), the biggest was remodeling the facilities while they were still occupied and opened for business.

We worked with the owner to remodel each area in phases as to minimize impact on residents, families and employees. This was huge challenge, but working together Harmon was able to remodel all resident rooms (including new ADA bathrooms), build new kitchens and rehabilitation gyms.

Pair of Lamps - Remodeling

The exteriors were also remodeled from new EIFS, to windows and parking lots. The end result gave our client the finishes and amenities necessary to compete with the new facilities popping up all over town. They’re now able to really keep up with the Jones’.

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