Reducing Management Cost on a LEED Project

How can you reduce the management costs on a LEED project?

On any given LEED project, a general contractor will tell you that they spend more time managing a LEED project compared to one that is not. This, of course, affects management cost.


A few ways to help reduce the time your contractor spends managing your LEED project (which in turn reduces cost) are:

  • If the contractor is on board early in the design phase, encourage implementing as many design credits into the project as possible.
  • When your general contractor is selecting subcontractors and vendors, have them confirm the vendors have done LEED projects in the past. The more LEED projects completed by subcontractors, the more they know what is needed in their submittals to achieve LEED points that the contractor is tracking. Again, the less time the contractor is reviewing LEED submittals, the less your General Contractor cost will be.
  • The general contractor should have a project engineer or project manager who have completed several LEED projects on the construction team. The more knowledge and understanding the contractor has about LEED about what is needed in reviewing, tracking and submitting documentation, the less time is spent learning about the process.

Leaf Green - reducing management cost

Each contractor will have developed many others ways to reduce cost on a LEED project, these are just a few to start the process.

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