Recent Pull Planning at Harmon

Pull Planning. What do you get when you combine 30+ subcontractors, Harmon project managers and superintendents, and an infinite amount of sticky notes?


A better planned out and scheduled project of course.


At Harmon, we are sticklers for completing jobs on or before schedule. Our clients schedules are important to us and we know the old saying that time is money. The quicker we can get a job complete (without losing quality) the better. We believe that by using lean construction methods like pull planning, we can do just that.


Take a look at a recent pull planning session for our job Cable Dahmer Kia:

The pull planning scheduling meeting was well received by subcontractors. The process cut time and gave each sub a say in the scheduling process. We were able to work out and coordinate each trade in a way that streamlined each task.


We are confident that this process allows each project to be more productive and provides each owner with a successful and on time project.


Interested in seeing what lean practices we can incorporate on your project? Give us a call 913.962.588 or contact us here.

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