Project Update: Life Spring Church

Life Spring Church 

Pictured above: Harmon Superintendent Mike Fincher with Life Spring Church Pastor Paul Sterrett

Harmon Construction, Inc began work with Life Spring Church in May of 2011. As completion nears for their new re-purposed worship facility, Life Spring and Harmon have truly enjoyed this unique experience.

“The great thing is that Tim (Harmon) has been willing to work with us to get the job done” stated Pastor Paul Sterrett. “As I understand it, this has been quite a different set up than what Harmon usually does. Tony is overseeing the project locally, Mike is here everyday. Our guys are able to handle a lot of the work, but Tony is here to make sure everything is coordinated properly and stays on budget, Mike on a day-to-day basis to keep things running smoothly.”

“So, the great thing is that it’s probably a very atypical job for Harmon from a management standpoint, but Tim had said to me, ‘we’re gonna get it done, one way or another, however we have to do it, however we have to structure it, we’re going to get it done’ and that has been a real blessing.”

Located in Spring Hill, KS, Life Spring purchased the 5-acre property which housed a 22,000 sq/ft retail space with the hopes of re-purposing the space into a state-of-the-art worship facility and educational space. Life Spring Church began as a plant of Olathe Bible Church about five years ago. It became independent a year later and is now thriving with over 220 members of their congregation. They are currently meeting in the local middle school while anxiously waiting for construction to be completed.

Life Spring’s new facility will consist of a large open foyer called the “Life Center” for congregating and fellowship, a coffee bar and welcome center, children’s nursery and preschool area, worship center (which will seat approximately 350), two adult classrooms, multiple children’s classrooms, multiple restroom facility areas and plenty of designated storage spaces.

Financing for the church was tricky because the property was difficult to appraise. It is a commercial property and about the only commercial property in the Spring Hill area with 16,000 sq/ft of space (which will be re-purposed into the church) and that space is within a 22,000 sq/ft retail center area, which the church owns as well. This being said, they are on a tight budget but have been creatively working around that to complete the job.

The church has been able to overcome financial hurdles by self-performing a lot of the work. Practically every trade in construction has been covered by a member of their church community. While they are still hiring out the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, some drywall and miscellaneous framing work that needs a licensed and skilled tradesman, things like laying carpet and tile have and will be completed internally. Life Spring was also blessed with the donation of a baptistery from another local church.

Completion of Life Spring Church is expected in early October. A tentative date has been set for the first Sunday in the new space on October 16th. However, a Dedication and Open House Event is scheduled for Saturday, November 5th and the Grand Opening Sunday will take place on November 6th.