Project Update: Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet


Cable Dahmer Dealership - Kansas City, MO

Harmon has been enjoying working with our local Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet business owners to complete a few projects. This is not our first time working with the company as we completed the initial construction and renovations of the Independence, MO store in 2005.

The Independence store underwent interior renovations in the service area and body shop, offices, showroom and bathrooms which we were able to complete last month.

We are currently in the last phase of a building addition and building tie-in project at the Kansas City, MO store. This project has consisted of tying the existing showroom building and the existing used car building together, basically making two separate buildings one entity. We are also adding on and extending the new car drive-thru building.

Since these businesses were still in use during the construction phases, there were a few logistical challenges to overcome: working around functioning business space, employee health and safety, cars and other valuable property, etc. However, Harmon is well versed and experienced in facing these types of challenges and was able to excel.We are very thankful for the repeat business of Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet and have truly enjoyed working with such a reputable company.