We are…


Through innovative industry standards and unique practices designed in-house, Harmon uses a variety of time tested and cutting edge methods to successfully complete your project safer, faster and more efficiently.


Lean practices are becoming industry standard. As the skilled-labor pool shrinks and market grows, we have to be out in front of our competition to make sure we are producing projects as innovative and efficient as possible. Pull-planning, Just-in-time delivery, and Prefabrication are a few of the many ways we are an industry leader, executing Lean principles at a high level to give owners the most value.


Inevitably over the past decade we have seen a rise in demand by owners and developers for projects that incorporate LEED building ideals, as well as the incorporation of recycled, re-purposed and natural building products. Harmon has a history of optimizing owner and design teams’ creativity to utilize LEED traits in unique and useful ways.


As an organization that prides itself on a low experience mod (0.74) we credit it to our strong safety program and onsite discipline. Practices such as lockout/tag-out, stretch and flex, daily huddle meetings, weekly site meetings, and strict PPE standards keep our jobs safe. Working hard to ensure site safety keeps your project on time and on budget. 100% of our team is current with their Adult & Pediatric First-Aid/AED/CPR Certification.


Coordination is what we do! From daily on-site foreman’s meetings to weekly subcontractor management meetings, we strive to keep communication a priority. By meeting with everyone involved with the project face-to-face on a weekly (if not daily) basis, we are creating opportunity to catch issues and barriers before they happen.


The evolution of the construction industry gives Harmon significant opportunity to continue growing and thinking ahead of the curve. Our team is innovative, allowing us the ability to deliver quality products with indescribable efficiency. The challenge of being at the forefront is what makes this industry worth it. Together, let’s find new ways to build smarter and better.


If you have any questions regarding our process, visit our contact page. We’ll be in touch.