Organization: Top 5 Tricks For the Office

Ever miss an event because it wasn’t on your calendar? Or how about arriving at an event only to find out you never RSVP’d and your name isn’t on the list? Have too much to do and not enough time in the day? I’ve found that following a few of these office organization tricks consistently can be a huge help.

Pointing at touchpad


1. Keep an ongoing task list. By creating and updating your list on a regular basis, you’ll be better prepared to move from task to task quickly and ultimately get more done in a day. It’s also rewarding / motivating to cross an item off. Prioritize items on your list so you’re kept on track of what needs to get done first. I recommend updating your list at the end of each day so you’re ready to go in the morning. Nothing like a fresh start, right?


2. Do the big tasks first. The first hour or two of each morning in the office is often the most uninterrupted time of the day. During this time, I’d recommend not checking your email or taking phone calls. By tackling the big tasks (or the ones that require much concentration), you’re setting yourself up for success. By lunch (or before), you’ll have already achieved what is required of you that day and you’ll now have time to take care of all the little things that may have bogged you down before.


3. Take advantage of technology. Set calendar reminders on your phone and computer so you never miss another meeting. Move to a cloud database system for your contacts so you’ll be able to access and update wherever you are. Forward your office voice-mailbox to your cell phone so you never miss an important message. Keep on top of updating and installing the latest programs you regularly use, your time savings will be worth the initial cost. There are so many time/money saving technologies out there, you are bound to find one (or a few) that will help you in the area of organization… just do your research.


4. Simplify your space. If your office is always full of loose papers and things are constantly getting lost, simplifying is your key to success. Keep labeled three-ring binders or manila folders of your most important papers organized by committee or project. File things immediately, this means DO NOT keep an “inbox basket.” You may keep a “to do basket,” but don’t place items there until you look at them at least once… you’ll be quicker at weeding through what is actually garbage and what needs your attention. Things will be less likely to become lost or forgotten.

Maybe a little redundant, but take advantage of technology here too. Digital organization is easier than stacking paper. Need more tips on this? Let me know, I’ll be happy to help you.


5. Respond upon receipt. When you receive an invite to an event you wish to attend, don’t wait to RSVP. Go ahead, send the RSVP and immediately place on your calendar. Writing yourself a quick note (i.e. RSVPd 05/24/17) in the calendar event will eliminate any last minute worry as to if your name will be on the list. Feel free to get rid of the invite now, you’ve taken care of it.


Any other office organization tricks you use? I’d appreciate hearing how you keep everything straight. Leave us a comment or contact us here.