Open Office Concept

Open Office Concept Trend

In recent years, you may have noticed a shift in office design trends. Many companies have either remodeled or built new office space catering to an open office concept. They have torn down walls and created large open areas of office space. Why? An open space environment enables better communication and collaboration, which often leads to better problem solving and innovation.


Average Worker Office Space Square Footage

Companies are wanting motivate employees to work together by transforming into a collaborative, team-oriented environment. The thought is that an open office concept can help address problems related to isolation and siloing of information. According to data from CoreNet Global, the average worker had 225 square feet of office space in 2010. That figure is expected to fall 33 percent by 2017, to 151 square feet.

WorkSpace Image - open office concept

At Harmon

We at Harmon have started the process of renovating our space, as we see the value of an open office and what it will do for our business. We have partnered with an architectural firm who has produced multiple floor plan options for our review and discussion with team members, we have visited multiple offices in the Kansas City metro area who have also taken on the concept. These visits have proved productive as we have not only gained ideas, but insight into what has and hasn’t worked.


We hope to start the actual construction phase of the remodel later in 2017, but for now we are thoroughly reviewing all of our options and the opinions of our team members. Ultimately, an office space that is conducive to a productive work environment is a necessity. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


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