On The Table Event Success


Twice a year, Harmon co-hosts an On the Table Event specifically for Senior Pastors and members of their support staff. Our recent event “Contagious Generosity” may have been our biggest success yet! Jim Sheppard, CEO and Principal of Generis, packed the house with nearly 60 attendees.

Jim recently co-authored a book with Chris Willard entitled “Contagious Generosity.” At our event, Jim shared what it can look like when pastors cultivate a culture of generosity in the church by actively teaching and mentoring people in the spiritual act of giving. He was able to highlight the best practices gleaned from real-life church leadership situations and explain why some churches are experiencing unexplained ministry growth and unprecedented church funding…even in the midst of tough economic times.

If you attended this event, we thank you for your support and hope you had an enjoyable experience. We also hope you came away with useful ideas and information to help grow your church family. If you have topic suggestions for this event or would like to be added to our list on invitees, please let us know at info@harmonconst.com. (Please note that this event is limited to Senior Pastors and Church Support Staff only. Some exceptions may apply.)