New Hire: Michael Rahto

Press Release
November 11th, 2017

Harmon Hires Michael Rahto
Chief Estimator/PreConstruction with 20+ Years’ Experience Joins Team

Michael Rahto Headshot

Rahto joins the Harmon team as Chief Estimator/PreConstruction with 20+ years’ of estimating and construction experience from PKC Construction, HDR Inc, BlueScope Construction, & JE Dunn. He will lead our projects through estimating and the preconstruction phase.

With his Bachelors of Science in Construction Science & Management from Kansas State University, Rahto is currently completing his Masters of Project Management from the University of Kansas. He is an ASPE Certified Estimator.

Rahto loves the competitive aspect of his work; the process of putting together the best estimates, creating the best value for our clients. Building relationships and working with different people is also enjoyable. He says the most gratifying part of his career is looking at the skyline and being able to point out buildings he’s had a small fingerprint in seeing develop, and the impact he’s had in his community. Rahto enjoys volunteering and has spent many years assisting Cornerstones of Care. He is an avid hunter and enjoys being outside.

“Michael is smart, I see a lot of talent coming from his direction, and that’s exactly what we need right now. Glad to have him on the team.” says Tim Harmon, President.