Let’s Talk: Preconstruction Services

What exactly are PreConstruction Services and how do they affect the outcome of a job?

At Harmon, preconstruction is a process where we literally build the entire project on paper. It is the time when we as a preconstruction department get to sit down and conceptually work through any potential deficiencies in the design documents and also capitalize on areas of possible efficiency. In other words, PreConstruction Services at Harmon is where we save the owner time and money and create opportunities for a better executed project.


Development Concept - PreConstruction Services

Preconstruction Services is where Harmon builds the project schedules, geographically lays out site logistic plans, and computes values and assigns them specifically to areas of the job to accurately forecast the cost of the project. Preconstruction Services at Harmon is far more than collecting bids and transposing numbers – it’s where we interpret, communicate and execute detailed plans of the owner’s ideas to take even the most vague ideas and nurture them into full-blown, profitable, construction projects.

The biggest advantage Harmon can give an owner through Preconstruction Services is in a design-build, design-assist situation or Integrated Project Delivery approach of selecting contractors and project teams. In these instances, our Preconstruction Services team can leverage the market, anticipate schedules, value engineer designs, and control the quality of the job even before the construction drawings exist.

Harmon takes preconstruction seriously and our team members are committed to ensuring jobs are on time, on budget and use the greatest quality subcontractors and materials.

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