Job Site Technology

Robot - Job Site TechnologyAdvancements in technology and the need for information at our fingertips has taken over our daily lives. This is no exception for job site technology. At Harmon, we have embraced this movement.

We’ve provided our superintendents and project managers with iPads which have increased their mobility and productivity. It has allowed our team members to consolidate drawings, specifications, note pads, cameras, time sheets, daily logs and more into one slim item which they can carry everywhere.

If questions arise on the field, project managers have their drawings and specifications on their person, allowing them to mark up drawings and send to the architect for a formal RFI, and/or take a photo of the issue.

Once we started to question the construction status quo, we have found more and better uses of available technology and time. We now complete meeting minutes during meetings which saves us time and project owner money. We process RFIs, submittals and change proposals while we are out of the office. From our experience, by using these devices we are saving at least an hour a day of administrative type duties.

iPads are just one way we have improved our use of technology on job sites. We’ve also introduced job site cameras, flat screen tv’s in job trailers and much more. We will continue to search out new applications and devices as we move forward.

How have you been including technology into your daily work environment?

If you’d like to learn more about how we use technology, contact us here or call us at 913.962.5888.