It’s All About Trust


\ˈtrəst\; (trust) to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something.

Business Handshake - Trust

As a child, did you ever play the trust game? You’d have your back to a friend whose job was to catch you as you let go and fell. It probably made you nervous to think your friend might be standing too far away or might get distracted and forget to catch you. If you’ve ever had an experience where that actually happened, it hurt, didn’t it? Not only physically, but emotionally knowing your friend let you down.


Everyday, it has been our goal to make sure this doesn’t happen. Trust is important; in the construction industry this is especially true. You trust your builder to construct a building that will be long-lasting, cost-efficient and, most importantly, a perfect fit for your business.


Here are just a few reasons you can trust Harmon to get the job done right:

• We deliver on our promises and have a long track record of successfully completed jobs.

• Our large number of return clientele.

• We are an innovative and progressive team of problem-solvers.

• Our team consists of honest and hardworking employees who are passionate about each job.

• Our personal service is second-to-none; it is our intent to Build Relationships Before Buildings and keep them going throughout each project and beyond.

• Our comprehensive safety program earns us a superior worker’s compensation modification rating, year after year.

• We are recognized within the community: Rated a “Top 25 Commercial Contractor” consistently in the Kansas City Star and have many other awards to our name.


Thinking of starting a construction project within the Kansas City metro area? You’ll need to put your trust into a general contractor. Go ahead and give us a call, we’d love to help. 913.962.5888