Incentives: Retaining Personnel and Recruiting

Incentives Become Essential

Finding skilled craftsman and office professional has been getting difficult in the past year. With growth in the number of projects bidding and a smaller work force coming out of the recession, companies are having to do different things to retain their current staff and hire field craftsmen.

To overcome this, most companies are increasing employee’s base pay; at least that seems to be the trend in the Midwest. According to the AGC survey, THE CHALLENGES FACING A GROWING INDUSTRY: THE 2016 CONSTRUCTION HIRING AND BUSINESS OUTLOOK, 51% of the companies surveyed nationwide have increased base pay for their personnel. Missouri came in at 44% and Kansas at 56% of the companies surveyed raised the base pay for their personnel.

Construction Employees Around Building Plans - incentives

Other items that companies are doing to retain and recruit personnel are paying more overtime. In the Midwest, 32% of companies, with Missouri at 8% and Kansas at 31%. Companies are also providing more incentives like bonus. The Midwest saw an increase of bonuses at 23%, with Missouri at a 28% increase, and Kansas at 50%.

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