Keys to Hosting a Successful Ribbon-Cutting Event

Ribbon Cutting with Scissors

Hosting A Successful Ribbon-Cutting Event

There are a multitude of things to do and think about when starting up or expanding your business. One of the most exciting and memorable times to experience is your company Ribbon-Cutting/Grand Opening Event. It normally marks the official opening of the business and can also be a great marketing event, helping to get your business name out there and potential clients in the door.

With so many details to plan, we’ve put a list together to help you decide what elements to include at your event:

  • Invitations: Invite potential clients from the surrounding community. Be sure to mention directions, parking, time, etc.
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership: Often with a Chamber Membership, they will help you promote your event in various areas online and direct mail.
  • Gathering Time: Give ample time for everyone to arrive and visit with others before ceremony.
  • Door Prizes/Thank You Gifts: Give your potential customers something to remember you by.
  • Music: Make sure the background music is just that. Don’t drown out conversation by playing too loud.
  • Ceremony: Introductions of Owner & Staff, Announcement of Goals/Vision, Cut Ribbon (use large statement-making scissors).
  • Photography: Make sure and document the event with photos. You’ll want to look back on them later.
  • Reception/Food: Possibly provide refreshments depending on time of event.

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