Hiring Trends in Construction

Current Hiring Trends within Construction

Throughout the country, construction companies that survived during the recent recession had to cut their workforce both in the office and in the field. Now that the economy is bouncing back and construction projects have started, those companies are having to fill positions they cut only a few years earlier.


According to recently published AGC survey, THE CHALLENGES FACING A GROWING INDUSTRY: THE 2016 CONSTRUCTION HIRING AND BUSINESS OUTLOOK, in the Midwest 70% of the companies surveyed are expecting to add personnel to their company. To provide greater local breakdown, 94% of Kansas construction companies surveyed are looking to add more personnel and 82% of construction companies in Missouri.


Normally with a high percentage of companies looking to hire more personnel, it would be a great sign for the construction industry. However, just because the demand is there now, the supply of personnel to hire may not be. In the survey, 40% of companies in the Midwest, 56% of companies in Kansas, and 36% of companies In Missouri are having a hard time finding both office and field personnel to hire.

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It’s great that the construction industry is growing, but how far will it grow if companies cannot find people to fill open spots? What will companies need to do to find qualified personnel?

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