Growth is Coming!


(It Appears) Growth is Coming!

I’d like to share an article that recently came out of Architecture Magazine with some good news from our industry. It highlights a step in the right direction as many companies have teams of employees who have been working extra hard for a few years keeping it all moving for their enterprises. Some good news also for those tying to get back into their chosen field.

Read this article for some evidence that we are trending in the right direction: Jobs added in Construction, Architecture & Engineering.

Positive Economic Points to watch for (according to economist Chris Kuehl):

  • America is on the road to energy independence. We will only import 13% of our oil in 2013.
  • Prices at the pump are down 7% over the past two months. Pipeline manufacturing is booked for the next 36 months and beyond.
  • Better headlines from the EU. The sky is no longer falling. EU countries that have lived through austerity are poised for GDP growth of 5-7%.
  • Due to wage inflation of over 3000% in China, they will have lost their manufacturing edge in a few years.
  • Companies have built more diversified customer bases and production is coming back to America, thus the new term onshoring!

Couple the above data points with anemic capital expenditures over the past four years, and it appears that growth is coming. Keep up the good work friends, and do have a great 2013!

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