Faith-Based and Non-Profit Building Committees

At any given time, Harmon is continually involved in multiple faith based and non-profit renovation/addition projects. The process involves not only the general contractor, an architect and the church building committees, but the entire church body.

Without the church body, the project would not have the ability to be funded. The process of financing a project is usually slow, but very interesting as each individual has their own ideas on what they want their donations to support. Renovations begin with an overarching need, it may be an addition to accommodate more seats in the sanctuary, a new multi-use facility for the inner city, or just a remodel to update existing interior space. No matter what the need, each project is unique and requires a building committee to help guide the church to meet their vision.

The building committee usually consists of several church members that have the power to authorize and make final decisions. The head of the building committee is usually the main point of contact throughout the project. For this position, we would recommend that it not be the lead pastor, he or she has too many other obligations to be effective in this role. A church member with basic knowledge of construction or architecture would be the best fit for head of the building committee.

As an example, on a current church project we’re involved in the building committee has two chairs. One is a general contractor and the other works for a developer.  In another example, the church’s office manager is the main point of contact, it has worked out great due to the size of the project and the church’s request to keep updated on daily activity.

After selecting your committee, Harmon’s approach to meetings and communication with said committee includes techniques we have developed and successfully implemented over our 30 year history. Some of these techniques include:


Sketch of a Church - building committees

Town Hall Meeting

Friendly neighborhood informational meeting prior to the start of construction to introduce the project, meet the neighbors and address issues relevant to the project (punch and cookies are suggested).

Progress Meetings

Meet bi-monthly on site with Owner, Architect and Contractor.

Monthly Pay Application Meeting

Owner, Contractor and Architect in attendance.


Three week running progress schedule and weekly progress report submitted to Architect and Owner on a weekly basis.


Superintendent and pastoral staff meeting

Our superintendent will provide a “construction update” at the weekly church staff meeting, if desired.
PreConstruction services communication tools will also be utilized.


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