Environmental Controls: Standards We Live By

Environmental Controls: Standards We Live By

We often work in areas where environmental controls are critical. With a large amount of experience working in hospitals, medical office buildings, schools and child development centers, we are confident in our capabilities to make the construction process as hassle-free as possible.

We are committed to safety and the comfort of our clients and know how important it is to keep dust and noise levels low. This is especially true for renovation projects and/or projects where existing operations are not halted for construction. Here are a few examples of the Environmental Control Standards we live by:

Dust Control

  • Bulk storage of potentially dusty materials should be located away from open area.
  • Cutting and grinding operations should be undertaken using appropriate dust suppression techniques.
  • Trash dumpsters and trash conveying devices will be covered and maintained.

Noise/Vibration Control

  • If an activity is inherently noisy, an alternative technique will be investigated.
  • We hire professional and well-mannered staff. Anti-social behavior involving swearing, shouting and loud radios will be avoided.
  • Carts, job boxes, trash boxes will be well maintained, in good working condition and oiled/greased where appropriate.

Disruption of Systems

  • System “shut downs,” such as electric, HVAC, plumbing and any/all utilities will be coordinated well in advance to minimize disruption of client activities and functions. These shut downs are typically performed over weekends or during “off hours.”

General Safety

  • Sites and areas under construction will be blocked off from open areas of the building.
  • All personnel, clients, and visitors are required to wear hard hats, eye protection, and high visibility vests at all times while in construction areas.
  • Safety audits are performed on a regular basis.

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