Don’t Get Hacked!

Don’t Get Hacked!

We’ve all heard of email hackers, and these days they’re getting good. Too good. And sure enough, we’ve had a few emails compromised in our office recently. So, don’t get hacked! Here are 3 helpful tips for keeping your email safe.

Don't Get Hacked - Email

#1. Know your sender.

Most people don’t send an attachment or link without prefacing with verbiage within the email or telling you they’re sending something via a prior conversation. Use your best judgement here; if it seems out of character for them to send you something like this, it probably is a hack. If you don’t know the sender, don’t trust the email.


#2. Restrain from clicking and opening.

If you’re suspicious of an email, don’t click on any links or open attachments without calling the sender first to verify authenticity. This brings us to tip 3:


#3. When in doubt, verify.

Best recommendation would be to call the sender. If you simply reply to the email, you’re probably responding to the hacker. So, to validate the email’s authenticity you’ll need to actually call your contact or compose a new email. Don’t reply to it.


Bottom line, trust your instincts. If an email seems weird, delete it. Do you have any other helpful tips/suggestions on keeping your email safe?