Building Committee Size: How Many is Too Many?

Building Committee Size

Are you thinking of forming a building committee for your next project? A potential client recently asked our opinion on how many members would be appropriate for this kind of committee. Here’s how we’d answer that:

Group of Business People - Building CommitteeTo begin, your committee needs a leader. One person who can keep the group accountable and under control. However, all responsibilities should not rest solely on this individual. Preferably, this person should have prior committee experience with a similar building project.A reasonably sized committee usually consists of four to seven members. Any more than this and it could severely constrain and slow down the decision-making process resulting in your project taking longer than expected. However, there is no reason why a committee can’t be smaller than four members.

Make sure everyone in your committee has a specific role to fill. This will help to disperse work evenly. It would be a good idea to match up roles with each member’s skill set.

Take time to let every member voice their opinion. It is important that everyone is heard, this way no good ideas go to waste.


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