Benefits of Constructability Reviews

What are the benefits of performing constructability reviews during the design phase of a construction project? In a collaborative delivery system (i.e. Design-Build or Design-Assist), performing a constructability review is a value added process that Harmon provides the project team.

Project Drawings Mock Up

This process is a review of the drawings and specifications, confirming exactly the project the owner wants, and identifying potential obstacles ahead of time which can help prevent delays, errors and extra costs. A constructability may take a bit of extra time and effort, but there are several benefits to this process that make it well worth it.


The Benefits of a Constructability Review:

  • Avoid delays caused by construction documents errors or omissions
  • Reduces the amount change orders
  • Improves communication / relations among the project team members
  • Improves the overall project design
  • Lowers the risk of lawsuits and claims
  • Lessens the general conditions and administration cost during construction
  • Provides a better understanding of the construction documents
  • Improves quality
  • Provides the ability to plan for difficult scope of work, logistically or technologically
  • Provides the ability to plan ahead and pre-assemble components off site


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