Project Update: Behavioral Health Unit at St. Joseph Medical Center

New Project Started

St. Joseph Medical Center
Behavioral Health Unit

Kansas City, MO

Our team recently started a new renovation project with St. Joseph Medical Center and consists of their new Behavioral Health Unit. The project is approximately 9,200 square feet and includes demolition of existing patient rooms for a complete re-purpose into the center’s new behavioral health space. Construction has begun and our crews are hard at work to meet the scheduled completion at around the 160 day mark.

Behavioral Health - Before
A before look at one of the patient rooms.

Because this space is within an active hospital setting (and 4 floors above an active ER), all infectious disease controls and processes are in effect and include, but are not limited to, containment areas, negative air pressure, return and supply air vent closures, dust control, and trash/debris removal. All of these controls were discussed in depth within our previous article (Infectious Disease Control Measures at Harmon).

It’s been decades since anyone has opened up these walls, which can be rather exciting when tokens of the past are found. During the beginning of the demolition phase, our crew uncovered a grapefruit juice can from the 60’s-70’s. Anyone remember drinking out of this pop-top type of can?

St. Joseph Medical Center is located Kansas City, MO and is a 310 bed facility. We’ve enjoyed working with this client in the past on several other projects including the notable Carondelet Heart Institute in 2012-13.

We are enjoying working with HMN Architects’ David Brown and Natalie Kemp, along with Jim Christian and the administration at St. Joseph Medical Center for this project. We are thankful as well for our subcontractors who help to see our jobs through to successful completion.

Behavioral Health - During Construction
Down to bare bones, the space is gearing up for renovations.

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