Architect Testimonial Letter

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As we’ve mentioned before, receiving letters from our clients and/or partners about their experience with us is one of the most satisfying things about our job (aside from handing over completed project keys). These kinds of gestures are much appreciated and gives our team the motivation and encouragement needed to continue serving our communities.


Take a look at a recent letter from Jason Sadler at Davidson Architecture and Engineering concerning the Cable Dahmer Kia project we completed together. We appreciate Davidson’s partnership and are looking forward to future projects together.

The Letter

”Right from the beginning this project was a challenge. Before construction on the building could begin, a 12” sewer main had to be relocated, a stream had to be modified and the site drainage had to be reworked, requiring up to 15’ of fill across many parts of the site. The soil was not reaching the bearing capacity required because of the fill, and there was no time to wait for the site to settle given a very tight build schedule. Working closely with Harmon and the engineers, a pier foundation system was designed to keep the project moving forward without causing much delay.

From there the project got fun, watching KIA’s beautiful prototype design come to life. I wish it was as easy as handing Harmon the prototype book, and saying “build this”, but the reality of it is that the prototype, while in theory is great, but it didn’t meet the needs of the client. Working closely with the owner and Harmon, through many meetings, we were able to modify the prototype to meet the needs of the client, while still incorporating all the brand standard finishes, layouts and details into the final building design.

The final product was stunning. The showroom is one of the nicest in the city and the service center is top of the line. None of this would have been possible without the constant coordination with Harmon Construction, and their dedication to make sure that every little detail was executed perfectly. I look forward to working with Harmon on another dealership in the near future, although this one is going to be very hard to beat!”

– Jason Sadler, Davidson Architecture & Engineering

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