8 Signs of a Quality Contractor

Have an upcoming project and not know where to start in selecting a contractor?

Here are 8 quality contractor signs to get you started.

1. Financial Strength/Bonding Capacity

Even if your project doesn’t require a bond, it’s still a smart move to do this kind of research before selecting a contractor. Why? Because an unbondable contractor is a company who may have had problems completing past work, paying bills and/or their taxes, or may have had other various problems. Using an unbondable contractor puts you and your project at risk. Worth it? We don’t think so.

2. Safety MOD Rating/Safety Standards

Almost goes without saying here, but safety is pretty important. Check on your potential contractors’ MOD rating (Experience Modification Rate). This is a mandatory plan applying to all employers meeting a state’s premium eligibility criteria. The rate is partially determined by a company’s industry classification and how many recordable OSHA incidents it accumulates over a certain period of time. You’re going to want a company with a MOD rating lower than 1.0. Just like in golf, the lower the number, the better.

3. Years in Business

Quality Contractors can withstand any storm. Many years in business means that the contractor has strong processes in place keeping their company (and your projects) going, no matter what the state of the economy or industry may look like at the time.

quality contractor - papers and discussion

4. Word of Mouth/Testimonials

Referrals and repeat business are a surefire way to spot a quality contractor. Clients that trust them are a true testament to what their company and team is really like on the job site and in the office.

5. Excitement Level and Project Understanding.

The level of excitement you receive from a contractor when first talking to them about your project can be expected throughout the life of the job. If they’re not excited about you, you shouldn’t be excited about them.

6. Social Media

They’re on it. I know I know, this sounds trivial. BUT, there is something to be said about a contractor who is on top of their game when it comes to technology. Tech is changing daily, new programs, hardware and software that can help get your project completed faster. With most building projects, you’re looking at somewhere around 8-12 months for completion, if technology exists to help your project become more efficient (and in turn save you money), wouldn’t you want to hire someone who knows about it?

cartoon worker with tablet - quality contractor


7. Community Involvement.

The idea of community involvement keeps showing up for us, because it really is that important. Read more here.

A contractor who gives back to their community, proves they’re concerned about things far greater than their own bottom line.

8. Clean job sites.

Sure, you see them everywhere, but next time you see a job site, look closely at it. You can tell a quality contractor by the cleanliness of their site. A contractor who keeps sites clean is looking out for everyone’s safety, your bottom line (so nothing gets stolen), and cares about your reputation as well as their own.

Choosing the right contractor for your project cannot be over-stressed. A contractor could make or break your project, so make sure to do your homework. Need advice? We can help. Call us at 913.962.588 or contact us here.