3 Key Points: LEED Building Location

Did you know that planning for LEED certification on a new construction project should begin long before land is purchased? A Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification incorporates all aspects of high performance green buildings, including building  location.

Eco Cityscape - Building Location

Taking into consideration proximity to local transportation, grocery stores, and already established infrastructure should play a key role in choosing a potential site for your LEED building. The closer your building’s inhabitants are to nearby uses and public transportation, the more your green building can help to reduce vehicle emissions and parking footprint, reduce the economic cost of maintaining roads, and increase human health.

3 Key Points to bear in mind when searching for a new project site:

  1. Give Preference to Previously Developed Land. Reuse is one of the most important sustainability concepts.
  2. Local Transportation and Established Infrastructure. Keep it close, your employees will thank you.
  3. Preserve Habitats. Take care to leave undeveloped areas as undamaged and undeveloped as possible. Leave open space for habitat on your site. Increase your building square footage by building up and not out.

Harmon has LEED accredited professionals in the office. If you have questions about how you can utilize green concepts on your project or gain certification, let us know.


*Article by Christina Beaird, LEED Green Associate