Senior Living Facility Trends: Design to Attract Women

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Senior Living Facility Trends.
Trend One:  Design to attract women.

One of the constants of American society: where the girls are, guys will show up.

It starts in junior high, if the cute girls attend the dance the boys will show up. There are clubs, even gun ranges advertising “Ladies’ Night” once a week, the ladies get in free and the guys will surely show up. Maybe it’s not so different when it comes to designing senior living facilities – most are designed to attract women.

The first reason is cultural. In most relationships, the wives decide the style, furnishings and decorations in the home. The second reason is demographics, as seen in the chart below, ladies outlive men.

According to the US Census Bureau:

  • Age 65 – 69, women outnumber men by 10%
  • Age 70 – 74, women outnumber men by 14%
  • Age 75 – 79, women outnumber men by 25%
  • Age 80 – 84, women outnumber men by 38%
  • Age 85 & Older, women outnumber men by 44%

So, what are some of the ways facilities attract the ladies?

  • Softer and ornate design
  • Beautiful flower gardens for relaxing, conversations and walks
  • Hair Salons within the facility
  • Game rooms and libraries
  • Coffee shops
  • Dances and socials
  • Swimming pools and game rooms to entice grandchildren to visit their grandparents

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