Fall Checklist

Fall Leaves


The leaves have started to change colors and it’s definitely cooler at night. I’m pretty sure we’re all asking ourselves, where did the year go?


And soon enough, winter will be upon us. So, I thought I’d provide you with a checklist of items you might want to complete while it’s still bearable outside. Here are a few things you should do to prepare your home or office for the winter weather:


[  ] Drain Lawn Sprinklers
[  ] Drain Fire Sprinkler System
[  ] Test Fire Extinguishers
[  ] Test Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarms and Replace Batteries
[  ] Check Foundation for Cracks & Fix (cracks will get worse in the winter from freezing ice and snow)
[  ] Check Possible Soil Erosion / Pull Away from Property & Fix
[  ] Check Sidewalks & Stairs for Cracks (cracks will get worse in the winter from freezing ice and snow)
[  ] Clean Out Gutters
[  ] Clean Out Duct Work
[  ] Check Doors & Windows for Drafts & Fix (rubber strip seal or caulk)
[  ] Close Off Unused Rooms & Offices and Close the Vents


Do you have any other fall tasks that we’ve missed? Comment below.
We wish all of you a safe and enjoyable fall season!

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